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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Vehicle Story

This is my new Z28, I purchased it with the insurance money from my other Burnished Brown Z28 here on Gas Geek (SEE THE CAR JUST BELOW THIS ONE). I just posted photos of the crash scene.  I took a few parts from the old crashed Camaro and put it on this new car, including the seat belts which saved my life. If you look at the seat belts closely, you'll see that the black belts on the drivers side are from my old car.

Right away I looked for a replacement and found the car I wanted at Streetside Classics Consignment Auto Dealer in Mesa, AZ. Their website had many detailed photos and video. I phoned them and gave them a down payment. I hired a mechanic to go over the car and he supplied a  positive recommendation. I flew into Phoenix on 2 January, 2020, test drove the car and purchased it for $75,000. I had my wrecked Burnished Brown car towed to the Phoenix area where the mechanic had a garage where the Fathom Green and Burnished Brown Z-28's would be located for the next few months. Parts of the Brown Camaro were used to replace less desirable parts of the new one. These parts included the alternator, battery, T-3 Headlights, chrome mudflaps, chambered exhaust, driver side seat belt, door lock levers, radiator support brackets. Attached is a photo showing both cars and the transfer process. On March 23, 2020 the Fathom Green Z-28 was delivered to my home in Santa Barbara. On September 14, 2020 my wife Judy and I traveled to AZ and picked up sheet metal parts of trunk lid, front fender, hood and roof of Burnished Brown wreck to be used in a sculpture for my front yard.

The color of the new car interior is Midnight Green...

  • Year 1969
  • Make Chevrolet
  • Model Camaro Z28
  • Exterior Color Fathom Green
  • Interior Color Midnight Green
Would I consider selling it?
Don't even ask!

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