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1967 Porsche 912

Vehicle Story

The Porsche 912 was manufactured between 1965 and 1969 as an entry-level model built on the 911 chassis using the four-cylinder engine from the 356.  Porsche’s Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen Factory constructed both 911’s & 912’s. Due to high demand, the vast majority of 912’s were outsourced to the Karmann facility. This vehicle vin #355550 was born at the mother Stuttgart Factory where only 631 912s were made for the 1967 production year according to the 912 Registry and Darryl's garage

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA) validates this numbers matching, rare, coco brown example was completed June 20, 1967 and first sold by Estes Zipper of Beverly Hills on August 10,1967. The original owner Robert K., an architect from Palos Verdes, enjoyed the car for 30 years, logging 175,566 miles. Sadly, Robert passed away in 1996. His daughter, Ellen of Simi Valley, maintained the car to 190,985 miles. Sometime in 2003 the engine failed and the car was retired to Ellen’s garage. On July 1, 2009, Ellen sold the 912 to a neighbor James Y., who never drove the car and eventually obtain a non-operational permit. This highly documented 912 was discovered by a local broker and bought by its current owner November 2011.

Due to the high degree of originality, a decision was made to refurbish all mechanical systems while attempting to maintain the car’s “patina” when possible. A sought after local craftsman agreed to help with the passenger-side pan repair, while the entire bottom chassis was scrapped to bare metal. The chassis was then sealed with two coats of encapsulator, and two coats of paint. All of the bottom surfaces were additionally protected with stoneguard and underseal. New master cylinder, brake lines, rotors and correct zinc plated calipers obtained from Sierra Madre Collection were installed. All factory original date matching Lemmerz wheels were stored and replaced by KPZ 5 ½ inch wide ’68 – ’69 wheels attempting to maintain COA appearance. Bolton Wheels chromed the new wheels which were shod with Bridgestone 195x65x15 tires. New Koni shock obsorbers/struts were installed. The front strut dust covers were painted with Sherman Williams red #140-0548, matching the rear shocks.

John Benton of Benton Performance checked my previous work and rebuilt the engine and transmission. The original 616 case was stored and a factory “K” case was obtained. Engine modifications resulted in a power increase from 90 to 110+ hp, close to a 911 of the day without the added weight. The front suspension, electrical and fuel system was refurbished. Headlight buckets were rebuilt and Hella H4 headlights and LED rear brake lights were installed making driving safer. Hella 128 fog lights and a 1967 factory switch were installed. The new alternator produced the added voltage needed to charge two devices simultaneously while utilizing the upgraded lights. All the gauges were refurbished and the factory clock was replaced with an updated original from North Hollywood Speedometer. A paint gauge was utilized to determine the car’s paint depth and potential originality. Research indicated factory depth was 5 – 7 mils which was similar to the cars side panels. The top panels measured a somewhat greater thickness, indicating a possible re-spray. Finally, all stored parts and records were cataloged.

A letter to editor of Classic Porsche was published in their March/April 2014 edition and the car was featured in the Fall 2016 912 Registry Magazine. The car was honored to be best 912 at the 356 Club 28th Annual 2014 Concours d’Elegance and invited to Luftgekhult 4 and Luftgekhult 5.

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Images of all the refurbishment can be seen on Instagram @pops.porsche.palms.

  • Year 1967
  • Make Porsche
  • Model 912
  • Mileage 214,000
  • Exterior Color Coco Brown #80342
  • Interior Color Beige Leatherette D
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Exhibit Information
Santa Barbara & Malibu C & C, Luftgekhult 4 2017 and Luftgekhult 5 2018
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Yes, if the price is right

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